How I Quit Smoking After a 40 Year Habit

The main difference in a successful quit this time is, I swear, to allow myself to be a bitch. Letting my inner bitch out, and then reframing this behavior as amusing — which I realize is sociopathic. I decided that I would rather be an old bitch than a dead bitch. And truth be told, I have always been kind of a bitch anyway. This is just part of learning to love yourself as you are, I say to myself in my softest therapist voice. I don’t use my inner bitch…

A loving meditation on the viciousness of our fake feel-good environment and the shift toward authentic expression and experience….

People fall apart from stress all the time, and nowhere is it more apparent than in the entertainment industry and in community mental health, of all places. I am talking about therapists and middle-managers, producers and directors — not clients and actors. The clients and actors are the identified patients. But we all know it is the family that is sick.

In most venues organized around human activity, there is an unspoken social contract regarding acceptable behavior. Usually, it is concomitant…

Seven Dunsmore

I am a psychotherapist, writer and maker who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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